This Place

This is not how it’s suppose to be. A visit of a few weeks has suddenly turned into a stay of months. Not Good oh so not good.

This place is not for me.

Oh Lord! how bad do I want to get out? I need to see my family and friends, not just peoplen who are messed up from the head down.

This place is not for me.

This place is strpping me slowly of who and what I am. I feel trapped in some sort of demented hell. I know God sees and hears all, I know He will get me out.

This place is not for me.

You Have It, I Have It

From the day you are born and until the day you die you will have it. Didn’t ask for it and you sure as hell don’t need it. you learned a long, long time ago that having it is very painful. And when I say painful, I mean painful in the worse sense of the word.

So because of it, there are fearful parents, scared sisters and brothers, too many doctor visits, hospital stays and far too many deaths.

However, it does not stop you. You learn to get what you want, to be where you want to be, to have what you want to have, all the while still having it. Yes it slows you down some, but it does not and will not stop you. You are too strong for that. I mean if anything it should make you a little more stronger, teach you to fight a little harder and achieve a lot more than you could ever imagine.

OH! by the way if you want to know what it is,

it’s SICKLE CELL </strong


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